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My birthday

So it was my birthday recently, and i had the best present from Kyran.  He came running in to our bedroom with his 3 teddys (Batbear, Lion and Ladybug), he sat them all at the end of our bed and used them all to sing Happy Birthday to me, it was brilliant!

We are currently on half term so have been baking and playing, the big boys are now getting on really well and playing nicely together (most of the time), and they are trying to encourage Carter to join in with them.  Not that he needs much encouragement though, he is never too far behind his brothers, it’s lovely to watch them all playing together.

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So my 5 year old has suddenly turned into a comedian, not bad going for someone who has gone through speech therapy!  He loves to tell Knock Knock jokes and he finds himself hilarious even though the joke makes no sense whatsoever, and he has come out with some classic one-liners recently that i wanted to note them before we forget.

Breakfast time for Daddy, sat on the sofa with a bowl of cereal.  The seagulls quickly rounded on him, with their little mouths open and their fingers pointing until the bowl had been split 4 ways (poor Daddy) with just one spoonful left.  Kyran very politely asked for some more please, so Daddy started to explain that it was the last spoonful when Kyran put his hand out, took the spoon and said Actually Daddy i think we should talk about this later, and swallowed the lot!

Sunday morning he was having his weekly lie-in, but he was shouting down the stairs for me to go up (currently going through the phase of needing a bodyguard for coming down the stairs).  Because i wouldn’t go up and pander to him, he shouted down the stairs, Mummy come up here right now and don’t make me raise my voice!

His current favourite sayings are Can you just do me a favour please, or I’ve decided…..

His speech is coming on so well, along with his reading and writing.  He loves to read but is still not a fan of writing, he is getting there though, in his own time, much like everything else he does 🙂

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He is coming to get you!

Carter decided on Christmas Day that there wasn’t enough attention on him, so he decided that would be a good day to start walking.  Right across the front room, amongst all of the presents and paper and boxes.  And boy did he look proud of himself.  Fast forward 3 weeks and he is super confident on his little feet.  They still look too small to be walking but he can walk right around the house now, and is choosing walking over crawling already.  Slow down time, please slow down!

We had a great Christmas, the boys got (among other things) what they had been asking for for months, Batcave for Kyran and Don’t take Busters Bones for Riley.  We all had a lovely day, just the 5 of us.  Perfect.

Carter is now a year old,  we took him to the local aquarium for the day which he loved.  He has perfected his point and loves to point to everything saying Look.  He finds everything so interesting, i love this age.

Kyran has been moved into a group for swimming.  His first lesson went really well, better than expected, he didnt seem to bothered, so different to a few months ago.  He is doing really well in the pool now.

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Carter is almost 12 months old already, and he really is the cutest, funniest little boy.  His current favourite game is peekaboo, but he covers his ears instead of his eyes.  He also claps, says Hiya into my mobile, which just happens to be his favourite toy.  He can sniff out that phone from a different room.  He will pass you something if you say Ta, and he will give kisses but only to Mummy and Daddy so far.  He can stand unaided, and likes to stand in the middle of the room watching the tv.  He still is the fastest sock remover in the west, he can take them off quicker than i can put them on.  His feet are another source of amusement for him though, he loves to hold his toes and i can gauge how excited he is by how fast he wiggles his feet.  He adores his brothers, who have a mutual affection for him, but his favourite person by far is his Mummy.  He really is a Mummys boy – no complaints here!

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The Polar Express

This weekend we took the boys on to the local Polar Express train experience.  We didn’t tell the boys until 2pm when i brought down their pyjamas and they started to protest that it wasn’t bedtime yet.  Once they realised where they were actually going they were more than happy to get changed, and off we went.  Driving in my dressing gown was surprisingly comfortable, but i won’t be making a habit out of it!

Apart from being too hot on the train, the boys, Kyran especially, really loved it.  We were on the train for just over an hour and the chefs brought us hot chocolate and cookies, they had all of the children singing along and playing pretend instruments, and the conductor had them all on the look out for Elf’s as he didn’t like them.  When they saw one they had to shout Elf Alert! which Kyran really got involved in.  They had their golden tickets punched, and then Santa boarded the train at the North Pole and gave them all a bell, so it was just like the film.  Really magical evening for us a family.

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A catch up post

Having had no laptop for about a month i need to do a huge catch up post, so here goes.  It won’t be in any sort of order, just as i remember it.

The boys went out Trick or Treating for the first time this year and absolutely loved it.  They dressed up as a robot skeleton (Kyran) and a vampire (Riley) and bagged enough sweets (and a Euro?!) to last them over a month.

Kyran is doing brilliantly at swimming with his new teacher Kirstie.  They really get along and his confidence in the water is amazing.  He will happily now get in by himself and walk across the pool without clinging on to her.  Big progress.  So proud of him because he really was scared of the water.

Riley is now having gymnastic lessons at the same time Kyran is swimming, and he loves it too.  He can follow instruction really well for his age and loves the sporty side of it so happy boys all round.

Carter has cut 8 teeth now, and is already standing by himself without having to hold on to anything.  He needs to stay a baby a bit longer yet, so i’m not embracing this new development.  He is still a breastfed monkey, i’m trying (and failing) to convert him to cow’s milk at the moment but so far he is winning this argument.

Carter’s favourite games at the moment are peekaboo, which he covers his ears instead of his eyes, and walking along the sofa trying to bite his brothers toes.  All 3 of them find both of these games hilarious.  It’s lovely to see them getting along as well as they do.

Riley has made a fantastic statement this week, sat on the sofa he declared that he isn’t a packed lunch box, he is a boy.

Kyran has been referred for speech again at school, but he tries so hard and speaks in really long sentances now, just a bit garbled bless him.  He tries so hard, it breaks me when people can’t understand him as he is such a sweet boy.

Kyran has stuck a deal with Santa as well, he has let us give his grey Thomas track to Santa for another little boy, in exchange for the new Batcave that he so desperately wants.  It was a sad day when that track went as he used to play with that and nothing else, but it has been sat in its box for at least 6 months, probably more, so it was time to go.

Riley’s yearly eczema has returned this year, but to his beautiful face this time.  I’m hoping he will grow out of it soon like Kyran did, as eczema is so ugly and itchy for him.

I think that’s about it, i might add to it later though if i remember something else!

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Riley and Kyran are like chalk and cheese with most things, but especially when it comes to drawing, writing and colouring.  Riley loves it, he will practise his name at every opportunity, loves to draw and colour, and has now started colouring neatly and staying within the lines.

Kyran hates it.  All of it.  He hates holding a pen, hates writing and hates drawing or colouring.  He will generally do anything he can to avoid it.

So last night it came as a big surprise when Kyran, all by himself, went and got his drawing easel and pen, and sat and drew a really good picture of Carter, it was really very good, and surprised us as now we know, like lots of other things with Kyran, that when the mood takes him he can do pretty much anything.

Riley had to then draw a picture too, and he decided to draw Kyran, much to Kyran’s disgust as he thought the picture looked like Humpty Dumpty!

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Wishy Washy

Our biggest boy is 5!!  How 5 years has passed already i’m not quite sure but to celebrate the occasion we booked a fabulous childrens entertainer, Wishy Washy, who to his credit, kept 20odd 4 and 5 year olds totally entertained for 2 hours.  He did magic tricks, had Kyran pulling underpants out of hats, and even got Daddy involved much to the kids amusements.  All 3 boys were fantastic, and lots of Kyran’s friends from school came.  Brilliant day had by all, and now we have a very tired but happy household, with a newly aged 5 year old in our midst.

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All about Riley

Not much has been happening other than school this last few weeks, but I wanted to make a note of a few things that Riley has done/said so that they aren’t forgotten.

He sat at the dinner table yesterday and let out a big sigh.  I asked him what was wrong and his reply was priceless.  He said “Mummy I was going to tell you something but it just ran away from my ears”, he still can’t remember what it was.

And today, he was in the front room playing with Carter when I called him out for lunch.  I heard him say Carter, lunch is ready and I turned around to see him carrying (dragging) his little brother out to the kitchen.  He said I was trying to bring him out Mummy but he too heavy.  Bless him, but please don’t do it again Riley!  Finally, he fed Carter his yoghurt today too, well I say fed, I think most went in Riley’s mouth or around Carters cheeks but he tried, and Carter thought being fed by his brother was great fun.  It’s awesome to hear the 3 of them laughing together or at each other, it melts me every time.

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A catch up post

A busy couple of weeks settling the bigger boys back to school/nursery has meant not much time for anything else but I wanted to note a few things for the memories.

The boys were invited to a little girls disco birthday party, and the DJ asked over the microphone if anyone knew the rules for Musical Statues.  With my back to the dancefloor I was amazed, proud and nervous to hear Kyran say over the loud speaker “I do”.  He went on to gabble away the rules, very thoroughly as only Kyran can do bless him, but the DJ couldn’t follow him and asked for a translator.  Of course I had understood my brave boy, and went up to explain for him.  A year ago he wouldn’t have gone anywhere near that microphone, nor would he have been brave enough to explain the rules to someone other than us, his speech has come on alongside his confidence.  We couldn’t be any prouder.

Kyran again, this week he had his first homework to do.  Nothing difficult, just a bunting flag for him to stick his favourite things on.  So after a few minutes of flicking through magazines and catalogues, he declared this to be the worst day ever.  I think coursework will be an interesting time for both of us if that’s what he thinks!

Riley has settled well back into nursery, he is making more new friends and his writing is getting so neat now.  He comes home most days with stickers for good tidying and good manners, he will love proper school next year i’m sure.

Finally Carter, my little bit of sanity bless him.  He has cut 5 teeth now, fairly easily, but he is struggling with the 6th one.  He pulls himself up to standing, but can’t quite crawl yet.  He does the 1foot1knee shuffle pioneered by Riley a could of years ago.  He claps and waves on demand now, and still idolizes his brothers.  Riley coming down a slide at playgroup reduced him to belly laughing, each of the 20 or so times Riley did it.  Both of them laughing at each other was priceless.  He is in his own room now, painted by his brothers with monkeys swinging from the trees as wall decoration.  All we need to do now is get him to sleep in there longer than a couple of hours at a time!


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